Juicy chicken roll

Cut the chicken in the brisket, break the ribs and lay out as shown in the photo. With a sharp knife, you can use a medical scalpel, carefully remove all the bones, after cutting off the legs:

During the removal of bones, there may be no meaty mass in some places, do not worry, they are easily filled with meat from the lower leg and brisket

Put the prepared chicken in a deep cup and pour over lemon juice for a sophisticated taste. Leave for half an hour.

In the meantime, you can prepare the rest of the ingredients. Cut the champignons into plastics. Grate cheese. Chop the garlic.

Expand the prepared chicken. Rub in cubes, salt and pepper to taste.

Lay a layer of champignons on top.

Grease with mayonnaise

Sprinkle with cheese.

Roll the chicken into a roll.

Lay out on a sheet.

Bake over medium heat for 40 minutes.

Garnish with Hawaiian mix or mashed potatoes