Tbilisi salad

Tbilisi salad is a salad for real men. Hearty and tasty, it quickly cope with a hungry body. A combination of vegetables and meat and spices will give you a unique culinary experience and give you strength.

Cooking time 2 hours


Can of red beans 1 pc

Fillet of beef 200 g

Red onion (medium) 1 pc

Red bell pepper 1 pc

Garlic clove 2 pcs

Walnuts 50 g

Cilantro 1 bundle

Ground black pepper to taste

Hops-suneli to taste

Olive oil for dressing


Cut the meat into cubes and boil in salted water for 1-1, 5 hours.

Cut the onion into thin half rings. If the “homemade” onion is juicy and spicy, then it is better to cut it and dip it in hot water for 2 minutes, otherwise the taste of the onion will overwhelm everything else in the salad. Remove seeds from bell pepper and cut into strips. Finely chop the walnuts. Finely chop the garlic or pass through a garlic press. Finely chop the cilantro.

Drain and rinse from a jar of beans. Add onion, beef, pepper, garlic, chopped cilantro, sauteed and finely chopped walnuts. Salt, add black pepper and suneli hops to taste. Season salad with 4-5 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix.

Bon appetit!