Roast with cheese

Chicken fillet with mushrooms under a juicy cheese crust will not leave anyone indifferent.

Cooking time 50 minutes


Chicken fillet 200 g

Fresh champignons 150 g

Cheese (hard) 50 g

Onion 1 pc

Wheat flour of the highest grade 1 tbsp. l.

Cream 35% fat. 20 ml

Butter 30 g

Parsley (greens) 2 sprigs

Sunflower oil 4 tbsp. l.



Finely chop the onion. Heat a frying pan with butter. Add onions, fry a little.

Add finely chopped chicken fillet.

Fry with onions until half cooked. Add sliced ​​mushrooms. Fry. Add 1/2 glass of water and simmer until cooked 15-20 minutes until the water evaporates.

Salt. Place in a ceramic dish or skillet.

In a clean and dry frying pan, fry the flour a little, add the cream and stir with a whisk until smooth. Add butter.

Pour the sauce into a mold. Sprinkle with chopped herbs.

Sprinkle with grated cheese.

Bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 180 degrees C until the cheese is golden brown.

Bon appetit!