Delicious omelet

A quick and delicious breakfast of omelet with sausage and herbs will make your morning a little more pleasant.

Cooking time 15 minutes


Eggs 4 pcs

Cream 10% fat. 50 ml

Wheat flour of the highest grade 1 tsp.

Vegetable oil 1 tbsp. l.

Butter 1 tbsp l.

Tomatoes 1 pc

Dill 1 bunch

Semi-smoked sausage 3-5 pcs


Beat eggs with a whisk.

Add milk, salt and flour. Beat well.

Add diced sausage, tomatoes and finely chopped dill.

Melt butter in a frying pan, add vegetable oil.

Pour into a frying pan.

Cover, cook for 3-5 minutes.

Cut into slices and place on a plate with lettuce leaves.

Bon appetit!