Delicious biscuits with cinnamon "Zemelach"

Zemelach biscuits are traditional Jewish pastries that are popular all over the world. It is necessarily prepared for "Hanukkah" - a holiday of purification, fire and candles. Cookies are made from simple products, always rectangular or diamond-shaped, with a crust of sugar and cinnamon. The cooking process, like the recipe itself, is not complicated, which means that a perfect result is guaranteed.

For the recipe, choose 82.5% fat butter and homemade sour cream. For an authentic taste and vibrant aroma, I recommend grinding the cinnamon sticks in a coffee grinder before cooking. Delicious homemade cookies are best made from dough mixed with premium flour.

Grind butter at room temperature with sugar until white.

Add sour cream and stir until smooth.

Add the egg, lightly beat the ingredients with a fork.

Add salt, baking powder and vanilla extract. Stir the mass.

Pour in the sifted flour, knead a soft, tender dough. You may need a little more or a little less flour depending on its moisture content.

Roll the dough into a ball, put out a food bag. Chill in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Dust the baking mat with flour, lay out the dough.

Roll it out into a rectangle 3-4 mm thick. Sprinkle the dough with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Using a special roller knife, cut the dough into diamonds with a side size of 3, 5-4 cm. Bake in the oven 190 degrees for 25 minutes.

Cool the baked goods completely, transfer to a serving plate and garnish with mint.

The products have a crispy, tender, sandy structure, medium sweet taste and bright cinnamon aroma.

Serve can be served with hot tea, coffee, cocoa or warm milk. It is best to store Zemelach in a tin can with a tight lid.