Pickled cherry tomatoes with cucumbers

An assortment of tomatoes and cucumbers is a popular and best preparation for the winter. We offer to diversify the assortment of home preservation and on this occasion we present to your attention an interesting recipe for pickled tomatoes with cucumbers in jars. The twist looks bright and resembles a peacock's tail pattern. Cherry wrapped in a roll with cucumbers can be used to decorate a plate with pickles, decorate vegetable snack baskets and sandwiches, use as a salad component.

Output: 0.5 liter can.

For the recipe, you will need fresh crispy cucumbers, preferably only from the garden. Cherry tomatoes can be of any color, but yellow fruits look the most advantageous and such a vegetable snack will be a priority at a home meal.

Rinse cucumbers and tomatoes in running water. Cut off the ends of the cucumbers. Using a special knife, cut the cucumbers into thin slices.

Wrap each tomato in two layers of cucumber slices and chop with a toothpick, preferably from the side of the stalk.

Sterilize the preservation jar, boil the lid. Rinse the basil, dry, remove the twigs. Put the leaves on the bottom of the jar.

Arrange the tomatoes and cucumbers moderately tightly to each other. Fill the jar up to the shoulders.

Add salt and granulated sugar according to the list of ingredients.

Pour boiling water over the jar, loosely close the lid and leave for 10 minutes to co-sterilize.

Drain the brine into a saucepan. Boil the brine, pour it into a jar and add vinegar.

Close the jar tightly, check for leaks and wrap in a blanket. Leave the workpiece to cool completely.

Transfer the finished preservation to the storage cabinet. The tomato with cucumbers has a medium-salty taste with a slight sourness. Pickled vegetables in jars can be stored for 3 years.

In modern conditions, mass conservation has lost its relevance. There is no need to cover up the bulk curls, as most fresh vegetables and fruits are available all year round.