Chicken sausages home recipe

Everyone loves sausages. However, the quality of store products is questionable, because they contain GMOs, preservatives and dyes. We suggest making homemade chicken fillet sausages. Such products can be safely offered to children and all supporters of a healthy lifestyle.

Chicken fillet can be replaced with any other part. Use dry spices and aromatic herbs to cook sausages. I do not recommend adding onions and garlic to minced meat. These ingredients turn the sausage into a cutlet.

Chicken sausage recipe with photo

Wash the chicken fillet, dry with a towel. Cut the meat into small pieces and place in a blender bowl.

Switch on the harvester and grind the mass at medium speed until smooth.

Transfer chopped fillets to a bowl, add egg and milk. Stir the mass.

Add table salt, hot pepper and dry spices.

Add soft butter at room temperature. Stir the mass.

Cover the board with cling film, lay out the minced meat.

Form a sausage, tie the ends of the cling film in knots.

Ready-made sausages can be frozen and boiled as usual in boiling water as needed.

Transfer the boiled products to a plate, carefully remove the film.

Additionally, homemade chicken sausages can be lightly fried in a grill pan. Serve hot products to the table. Supplement with vegetables, mustard.

As you can see, preparation does not present any difficulties, molding takes place using cling film. When buying a film, pay attention to the marking - there must be a permissive sign of heating up to 120 degrees (for a microwave). Only in this case it will be safe to use the film.