Homemade Burger "Bychok" for the new year

Winter holidays are approaching, and all the housewives are planning the New Year's menu in advance. According to the Chinese horoscope, the host of the next year is the Metal Bull. Therefore, themed dishes in the form of cows, calves and bulls will be very welcome at the festive table. On this occasion, we offer to cook homemade burgers, which are loved by adults and children, in the form of a bull's face.

For a snack, you will need fresh buns and minced cutlet. It is not necessary to follow the step-by-step instructions to style the face; you can use any other suitable edible products.

Homemade Burger "Bull" recipe with photo

Salt the minced meat, add pepper and mix until smooth. Form a round cue ball into cutlets.

Fry the burger cutlet in a pan on 2 sides in heated vegetable oil for 1.5-2 minutes per side.

Cut the bun in half. Design the bull's face. Use unsweetened biscuits or bread crusts for the ears. For horns, celery stalks or daikon are suitable. Make cuts with a sharp knife, insert blanks for "ears" and "horns".

Then, with a diameter of about 1 cm, cut out the "eyes" from the cheese, and "pupils" from the cloves. Place the "eyes" on the bun. Cut off two sectors from a slice of sausage as in the photo. Make holes with a cocktail tube, insert a ring of Korean carrots into the "nostrils". Lightly grease the sausage with mayonnaise, secure on a bun.

Spread the second half of the roll with a mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup, put on a lettuce leaf.

Place a thinly sliced ​​cheese slice on top.

Put a leaf of lettuce and a fried minced meat cutlet on the cheese.

Place tomato circles and semicircles on top of the cutlets.

Lay the "bull's head" on top in such a way that one piece of tomato looks out from under the bun. This is the "tongue" of the bull.

The festive bull for the new year turned out to be kind, as well as our expectations from the coming year.

Homemade burgers cooked with love have always been desired by everyone, children will be delighted with their appearance.