Tender chicken balls. Chicken and cheese chops homemade recipe

Cue ball was originally called round chops made from tenderloin of veal or lamb. Later, this was the name for products made from minced meat with vegetables, cereals and cheese. In modern cooking, meatballs can be minced fish, meat, poultry, rabbit, as well as cereals, vegetables in various combinations. We offer you an easy recipe for chicken cutlets with cheese.

For the dish, you can take store-bought minced chicken or cook it yourself from fillet. For splendor and preservation of meat juice, semolina is added to the minced meat. For a recipe for homemade cutlets, low-melting cheese is preferable.

Tender chicken meatballs with cheese recipe with photo

Peel the fillet from films, cut into small pieces, put in a blender bowl.

Tear the herbs at random and place on top of the meat.

Grind the herbs and fillets in a food processor.

Place the minced meat in a bowl. Grind large spices. Add salt, pepper, mayonnaise, mustard, spices to the minced meat. Stir the mixture until smooth.

Introduce semolina, leave the minced meat for 10 minutes at room temperature to swell the semolina.

Grate cheese on a coarse grater, mix with minced meat.

Form small round patties. Soak them in an egg.

Bread the meatballs in flour, shake off the excess.

Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan. Put the meatballs, fry until golden brown.

Turn the products over and continue cooking in the same way. Reduce the heat to a minimum, cover the pan with a lid, cook for 2-3 minutes.

Blot the finished meatballs from excess fat with a paper towel, put on a serving plate, garnish with herbs and fresh vegetables.

As you can see, cooking meatballs is not difficult. Following a step-by-step recipe, everyone can easily and quickly prepare delicious and tender chicken and cheese cutlets that everyone, without exception, will like.