Santa Claus salad

What is New Year without Santa Claus? And if you treat grandfather with the salad of the same name, we think he will be only glad!

Cooking time 30 minutes


Chicken fillet 200 g

Carrots 2 pcs

Eggs 2 pcs

Mayonnaise 2-3 tbsp l.

Cherry tomatoes 2 pcs

Olives 2 pcs


Boil the carrots, cool and peel.

Boil chicken fillet and cool in broth.

Put the finely chopped fillets in a layer on a dish.

Lubricate with mayonnaise.

Layer a layer of grated carrots (leave some carrots). Lubricate with mayonnaise.

Put a layer of grated boiled yolks in half.

Put the rest of the pieces with grated proteins.

Add carrots in the form of a cap and make a nose.

Make eyes out of olives.

Here is our Santa Claus salad is ready. No complications. Can be served to the New Year's table.

Bon appetit! Happy New Year!