Vegetable salad with apple and sesame


Carrot 1 pc

Beets (small) 1 pc

Apple 1 pc

Celery stalk 2 pcs

Sesame seeds (for the sauce) 2 tbsp l.

Honey 1 tbsp l.

1/2 cup lemon l.

Cognac 40% alcohol 1 tbsp. l.

Olive (or vegetable) oil

Chop (should come out like vermicelli): raw beets, carrots and apple.

Peel the celery, cut across into thin slices.

For the sauce: heat the oil and quickly fry the sesame seeds in it (until the aroma appears and the seeds are golden brown). Turn off the fire.

Combine sesame seeds, honey, lemon juice and cognac in a still hot frying pan.

Before serving, mix the grated fruits and vegetables and half the celery and season with the sauce. Salt. (Do not salt too much. Barely, to set off the sweetness of the vegetables and maintain the sesame note).

Put the salad on a platter, garnish with the second half of celery or apple and lemon slices.

Season the dish immediately before serving, that is, you can prepare both the fruit and vegetable base and the dressing, just do not combine them ahead of time.

The longer the seasoned salad stands, the more its components merge together, losing their bright individuality. And the nutty taste is getting weaker and the wonderful aroma of cognac disappears. Remember this.

The salad is simple, quick and surprisingly tasty. A sauce made of roasted sesame seeds, honey, lemon juice, oil and cognac gives rise to a bright nutty taste with a slight bitterness and envelops the eater in a warm aromatic haze that warms from the inside.

The dish comes out very juicy, contrasting and sensual. In its taste, a combination of masculine (salty-bitter, hard) and feminine (sweet) beginnings is clearly felt.

Bon appetit!