Greek salad

urtsa in large cubes (larger than the average cut for "Olivier"), sweet peppers and onions - in half rings.

Add olives to vegetables - be sure to whole, cutting olives for this salad is blasphemy.

Shake the bowl well to mix the ingredients.

Put the feta on top in a whole piece, the whole plate. Sprinkle with herbs on top and lightly drizzle with olive oil.

As is:

When you scoop up horjatiki with a spoon, a white, greasy slab of cheese will disintegrate and crumble each piece of salad vegetables with its crumbs, the dish will acquire a persistent cheese taste and salty.

Khoryatiki is traditionally eaten with white bread; the best way is to collect the remnants of the salad with a lightly toasted wheat slice, soaking it with wonderful cheese and vegetable juice poured out of a bit of standing horyatiki.

Bon appetit!