Eggs in a Scottish recipe

Stuffed with whole eggs look so unusual and appetizing that it is simply impossible to resist the temptation and not try. At home, in Britain, cutlets are cooked not only with eggs, but also sometimes, mayonnaise, bacon slices are added to the filling and fried in oil, previously rolled in breadcrumbs.

In simple words, Scottish eggs are a kind of stuffed cutlets, for us they are zrazy, which are meat, vegetable and have many cooking options.

How to cook eggs the Scottish way

The first step is to boil the eggs, not very hard boiled. Cool them completely in cold water and peel them.

While the eggs are boiling, you should cook the minced meat for the cutlets yourself or buy ready-made.

Combine beef with pork, salt and pepper according to your own taste.

Divide the prepared minced meat into 5 parts and form cakes. For each minced meat, put one boiled egg, distribute the minced meat evenly over the surface of the egg and form round cutlets.

Form all the minced meat and eggs into round patties.

Next, you should roll them in flour.

Then, dip completely in a beaten egg and lightly press down over the breadcrumbs.

Heat a frying pan with oil and lower the cutlets. Fry over medium heat, until golden brown, on all sides.

Scottish eggs are satisfying and nutritious. They can be served not only as a separate dish with some side dish, but also as a cold snack.

Such a dish will always be in demand, it looks very nice on the table, and most importantly it turns out very tasty.