Shrimp Cheese Soup

This cheesy luxury soup has a light and delicate taste that amazes the imagination with its beauty and taste. Shrimp soup can be prepared relatively quickly, it takes no more than half an hour in time. A great way to show your skills and make your dinner unusual and satisfying.

Shrimp Cheese Soup Recipe

For this soup we need good processed cheese, this recipe uses President cheese. The first step is to cut the vegetables; onion - in small cubes, chop the onion finely, grate the carrots on a coarse grater.

Pour the broth into a saucepan, place it on the stove and add the curds. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to simmer the soup. Stir all the time until the cheese is completely melted and dissolved in the broth. To speed up the process, the cheese can be grated on a coarse grater.

Then add the chopped vegetables, lay in the laurel leaf, add seasoning, sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Continue cooking for 15-20 minutes. While the potatoes are cooking, peel the shrimp from the shells and put in the soup, continue to cook for another 5 minutes.

When done, remove cheese soup from heat and pour into serving bowl. Add finely chopped dill, parsley and onion.

As you can see, everything is very simple, a minimum of products and a maximum of pleasure. Shrimp Soup, like all seafood meals, should be consumed as often as possible.

If you use cheese in trays, it will easily melt itself, and if in briquettes, it is better to grind it. But best of all, buy quality cheese, not vegetable fats.