Spring salad with chicken and beans

Since spring is on the doorstep and it's high time to enrich your body with vitamins, we present the actual recipe of the day - a hearty and healthy salad of canned red beans with chicken breast. And also cheese, tomatoes and a lot of greens will be present in our salad ...

To prepare this wonderful salad, you must first boil the chicken, this can be done in any convenient way: for example, cook chicken broth, and separate the breast for salad. Also, you can use a carcass cooked in the oven or stewed in a pan.

Spring Salad Recipe

Cut the chicken breast into small pieces as shown in photo 3 and fry in a pan for no more than 3-5 minutes over medium heat. Rinse the tomatoes and chop moderately finely, grate the hard cheese on a coarse grater, and chop the lettuce leaves into strips.

Collect all the products in one bowl, add beans, add the required amount of mayonnaise, and best of all, homemade sour cream and mix everything thoroughly

Add croutons before serving.

Spring salad can be served as a separate dish. Without a doubt, in such a combination of products, chicken and beans salad will appeal to many.