Dumplings with mushrooms

What dumplings are stuffed with. There are even old recipes with a filling using the meat of wild forest animals. Of course, we will not go deeper, but still, unlike the classic ones, we will cook them from an equally popular filling - from mushrooms, which turns out to be very tasty in its own way ...

Apart from the time, the process of making dumplings is not complicated, and probably most housewives know how to cook them and therefore we will not go into subtleties too much.

How to make dumplings stuffed with mushrooms

For the preparation of the filling, you can use both frozen and fresh mushrooms, the latter is preferable. Boil the mushrooms in lightly salted water until half cooked, then chop them and sauté with finely chopped onions over low heat and a little vegetable oil until the onions soften. Season with salt and pepper, depending solely on your taste.

For dumplings, you can make the most ordinary dough, even without milk. In a convenient way for you to knead the dough, for example: combine one egg and salt in a deep bowl in water or milk. Pour flour and knead a firm dough. Cover and leave for 20-30 minutes

After a while, roll out the dough into a thin layer and cut circles with a glass. Place the mushroom filling in the center of each, pinch the edges and form dumplings. Boil in small portions in salted water.

You can serve dumplings with mushrooms with sour cream, sprinkle with a little ground pepper and finely chopped herbs.

You can also use minced meat with mushrooms. And in order to make the dumplings more juicy, you should add fatty meat - pork, so they turn out to be much tastier.