Spaghetti with shrimps

Pasta with seafood, namely shrimp, is a great food with a delicate and light taste, but at the same time, like most Italian dishes, where pasta is used, it turns out to be quite satisfying. And most importantly, cooking spaghetti with shrimps does not require special skills and time ...

Everyone probably knows how to peel shrimp, and those who do not know can learn from early recipes using seafood. So, let's proceed directly to the preparation:

Italian Shrimp Pasta

In a saucepan, in salted water, open the spaghetti until half cooked. When preparing, follow the instructions given on the package.

Next, you should rinse the shrimp and peel. Chop the garlic very finely. Rinse the arugula leaves. From tomatoes it is necessary to prepare a concassa recipe for which you can find on our website.

Getting down to the main part: Fry the tiger prawns in a little oil until semi-cooked. The shrimp cook quickly enough, about 2-4 minutes, depending on the temperature.

Then add chopped garlic, fry lightly, pour white wine and simmer over medium-high heat. Place the spaghetti in a skillet, add butter, arugula and cooked tomato concasse. Season with salt and pepper, stirring everything, lightly fry - 2-3 minutes.

When serving, place the spaghetti in the center of the dish, place the shrimp and sprinkle with a little grated cheese.

Everyone should be able to cook pasta with seafood in a creamy sauce or with tomatoes. This is a great dish and a sure-fire option for a hearty meal in case guests are on the doorstep and there is no time to cook. Anyway, shrimp spaghetti is incredibly tasty and you must try it!