Liver salad with Chinese cabbage and eggs

Without a doubt, every loving woman sometimes has some situations when the need arises quickly, but at the same time it is tasty to feed the hungry household, and there is no ready-made food in the refrigerator. More often, in such difficult situations, the issue is solved with ordinary scrambled eggs or sandwiches ...

If you bought chicken liver in advance, then in a short period of time you can prepare an incredibly tasty and no less satisfying warm salad with chicken liver, you must agree, it will be much better than ordinary scrambled eggs. Naturally, in addition to the liver, in order to cook a dish according to our recipe, you will need a few more products that will make the food more satisfying and unusual.

Also, you can expand the list of ingredients and add chicken pulp or sirloin.

Chicken Liver and Peking Cabbage Salad Recipe

The first step is to rinse the chicken liver and then cut it into small strips. Preheat a pan with sunflower oil and fry the liver slices until tender, but do not overcook. The liver cooks quickly enough. Add salt, pepper a little and mix (see photo 1). Boil hard-boiled chicken eggs separately, cool, peel and cut into small wedges, about 6 pieces.

Next, peel the avocado and cut into thin slices, as shown in the photo. And cut the tomatoes into small slices. Chop the Chinese cabbage into strips.

Next, let's start preparing the dressing: put mayonnaise, tomato sauce in a deep bowl, pour in cognac, add a little salt and mix. Put the chopped food in a salad bowl, top with lightly fried chicken liver and season with cooked sauce, if necessary.

The salad is best served in portions, and let everyone add the dressing to taste and desire. Good appetite!