Garlic salad with mushrooms and croutons

This salad can be whipped up by adding or replacing foods as you see fit. There is nothing complicated, you just need to follow the prescription. The result is an amazingly tasty salad that will be filled with a pleasant aroma. In such a wonderful combination of ingredients, the mushroom salad will enchant everyone ...

We will prepare a quick, healthy and very interesting salad with mushrooms, from which it will be pleasant to give a garlic aroma and freshness.

1. To prepare garlic salad with mushrooms, first of all, peel and rinse the mushrooms, chop not finely and fry over low heat until cooked, until mushrooms are soft.

2. While the mushrooms are being cooked, thoroughly rinse the lettuce leaves under running water, let the moisture drip off a little and chop into large pieces of any size in the usual way. Rinse the parsley, cut off coarse branches, cutting is optional. Collect them in a small deep container and put the fried mushrooms in the same place.

3. Next, following the recipe, you need to prepare the sauce for the salad with mushrooms and crackers: In a separate bowl, pour the olive oil, squeezed lemon juice, add salt, allspice and mustard. Mix all components.

4. Pour the prepared sauce over the mushroom salad, stir, add the garlic chips and some crunchy croutons.

Previously, the word salad meant a dish with the addition of herbs, which actually constituted most of these dishes. Over time, people began to improvise and include a variety of products in salads and came up with dressings, thus they radically changed their original appearance.