Onion rings in batter

We present a recipe for an original appetizer for all occasions, which can be served as a separate dish. This dish will not leave anyone indifferent. By complicating a little and adding some ingredients, the onion rings can be made crisper. By baking onion rings in the oven, you can achieve the most aromatic taste.

To cook onions in batter, you first need to prepare a creamy batter called batter, in which we will actually dip, and then fry the onion rings.

And so, let's get started ...

Baked onion rings in batter recipe with photo

Combine eggs with yogurt or sour cream in a deep bowl, if not available, you can use water. Separately, in a separate bowl, mix the wheat flour with the corn flour. Also add salt, red pepper and mix everything. Whisking constantly, add the flour mixture to the egg in portions until you get a homogeneous, lump-free, moderately liquid mass.

Immediately prepare potato chips, which must be chopped not too finely with a special crush (see photo 2).

Next comes the simplest thing: you need to peel the onions, rinse and cut into moderately thin half rings, about 6-8 mm. thick.

Place parchment on a baking sheet, grease the surface of the paper with oil, let it soak. And roll the chopped onion in a little flour.

Then the onion rings must be dipped completely in the previously prepared batter and immediately rolled in chopped flakes from chips.

The next step is to spread the onion rings rolled in flakes on a baking sheet with oil-soaked parchment paper in one layer and send to a preheated oven. Bake at 200 degrees for no more than 7-8 minutes, turn over in the process.

Baked onion in batter in flakes turns out to be incredibly crunchy and appetizing. Sour cream can be served with it, or onion rings can be served as a perfect snack.

Rings in batter are very high in calories, which is why we advise you not to fry them, as is customary, but rather bake them. Do not get too carried away with such food because the taste is addictive. It's like chocolate, you always want to - but sometimes it's better to abstain!