Cucumber rolls with cheese

An excellent snack for all occasions, which will be in the center of everyone's attention and everyone, without exception, will admire your skill and skill. The composition of the ingredients for cucumber rolls can be changed or supplemented at your discretion, and you can prepare the filling from the desired products, relying on your taste ...

The zest in cucumber rolls is Feta cheese, which significantly softens the taste. Well, of course, other ingredients do their job. As a result, the appetizer turns out to be unusually tender and perfect in taste.

Step-by-step recipe for a cucumber snack with a photo

First of all, we will deal with the main ingredient of our dish: you need to select a long-sized cucumber, wash and cut into long and thin plates using a special device.

You can also cut the cucumbers with a handy carrot grater. In most cases, a conventional grater provides for cutting thin slices of vegetables and fruits. As a result, the sliced ​​cucumber slices should be smooth and moderately thin.

Next, you will need to chop olives, dried tomatoes and chop greens. In the absence of dried tomatoes, as an option, they can be replaced with fresh ones, which of course will be reflected in the taste.

Put cheese, creamy yogurt in a deep bowl, squeeze out the required amount of lemon juice, about half a small lemon.

Stir and add the chopped food: olives, tomatoes and dill. Sprinkle with allspice black pepper to taste

If you find little greenery, you can add it, it will only improve the taste and enhance the aroma. Mix everything thoroughly.

Arrange the cucumbers in a row. Place one heaped teaspoon of creamy mixture on the edge so that the filling does not fall out.

Then, carefully, starting from the stuffed part, we twist the cucumber into a roll. At the same time, try not to press and bend too much, otherwise the strips may crack.

And lastly, so that the rolls do not unwind, they should be fixed with wooden toothpicks, as shown in the photo.

That's it! Do all this with the rest of the slices. Arrange the Cucumber Roll in a row of one flat dish. And forward to the guests! Everything is very simple and incredibly delicious!