Cold soup with arugula and mozzarella

In summer, this soup will be just right and will serve as an excellent meal on a hot day. But in the meantime, in the winter season, a cold dish can be served as a snack soup, which will not only add freshness, but also make your table noticeably bright

How to make summer rucolla mozzarella soup

After you have prepared all the products, you can start the process. To do this, first cut the zucchini into small pieces.

Next, transfer the zucchini along with the washed arugula leaves to the soup cooker.

Pour in chicken broth, you can also use vegetable broth. Then add the icing sugar and bring to a boil. We continue to cook for 20-25 minutes over low heat.

In the meantime, while the soup is cooking, place the washed tomatoes and basil in a saucepan.

Fry under a closed lid, 5 minutes, while constantly shaking the saucepan. And we cool it down.

Scroll the finished soup with a blender. We also refrigerate.

Put the stewed and moderately softened tomatoes in a separate bowl for serving. Add mozzarella balls and a few arugula sprigs. Pour the completely cooled soup.

Decorate the dish with basil.