Chicken legs with potatoes in the oven

Oven baked chicken turns out to be very juicy and with an amazing aroma. During the cooking process, the juice that will drain from the meat feeds the vegetables and thus, the potatoes will absorb all the aroma and acquire an incredible taste. The dish is light and not whimsical in preparation

For cooking chicken with potatoes, you can use any part of chicken meat - legs or drumsticks, you can even use the whole carcass by chopping and pickling it in a simple way, the recipe is here. The main thing is not to follow tricky rules.

Oven baked chicken legs and potatoes recipe

First you need to prepare the necessary products; peel potatoes, rinse and allow moisture to drain. Then, thoroughly rinse the main ingredient - chicken meat and dry

You can cut the potatoes into slices or, if you are using potatoes of an earlier harvest, you can also whole, in this case, select small ones. Place vegetables in a greased dish and sprinkle with salt and spice mix. Mix everything thoroughly

A set of spices can be assembled with your own hand, relying on taste and preferences, in our case it is paprika, ground black and red chili peppers, dried ground garlic, saffron ...

The meat must be generously grinded on all sides with spices: salt, black pepper and a special seasoning that is sold in one package for just such purposes, or you can assemble the mix yourself (a sample list is given above). And also, it is recommended to use cumin, which significantly enhances not only the taste, but also gives a magnificent oriental aroma

You can also spice the meat in the following way: make small cuts, season and fill the slices with chopped garlic cloves

Place the seasoned meat over the potatoes and spread evenly between them. Add garlic and pour over with vegetable oil - 2-3 tablespoons

Transfer the form to a preheated oven and bake at 200 degrees, about an hour, by which time the potatoes should be fully cooked

Each housewife wants her cooked dish to be as tasty and satisfying as possible. Whenever the family is together and your culinary fantasies are running out, we advise you to cook chicken legs with potatoes and bake them in the oven