Chicken salad with olives

The whole process of preparing this warm salad is not particularly difficult and does not take much time - everything is quite simple and fast. For a skilled housewife, there should be no difficulties with this dish. In experienced hands, the salad turns out to be very tasty and nutritious, which will serve as a hearty snack for the whole family.

Every day it becomes boring to cook the same thing. And in order not to be patient, try to slightly diversify the diet, namely - select the breast, add celery and more raspberry vinegar. As a result, the process turns out to be interesting, and the taste is completely different.

Warm salad of chicken, vegetables and olives

Chicken breast can be boiled in broth, fried with spices in a pan, baked in foil with a special pickle. And after that you can start the main process: for this, cut the meat into long strips

Then, chop onions and garlic, chop celery stalks, tomatoes and olives. Put everything in a bowl of chicken

Next, you need to prepare the sauce, and this is dressing for chicken salad: Pour vinegar, oil into a deep dish, salt to taste and be sure to pepper with allspice black pepper, you can add red. Stir!

Pour the vinegar dressing into the salad and stir well. You can salt the dish if desired and season a little more.

The actual warm chicken breast vegetable salad is ready. It is recommended to consume immediately - warm!

If you do not take into account the cooking time of chicken breast, then the dish is prepared in a matter of minutes, a maximum of 10-15 minutes.