Potato pancakes with curd filling

At first glance, potato pancakes do not have any significant differences from the potato pancakes already familiar to us. But still, what makes these potato cutlets unusual is the filling, which you cannot immediately notice. But this is only until the first bite, after which the presence of everyone's favorite cottage cheese is revealed.

Potato pancakes with cottage cheese recipe

1. Place peeled potatoes and onions in a blender. Beat in 1 large egg, add flour and a teaspoon of salt. Scroll everything until smooth. If the vegetables are large enough, then it is better to divide. And in the absence of electronic equipment, potatoes and onions can be passed through a coarse grater, as our grandmothers did.

2. Next, place the cottage cheese in a separate bowl, add the remaining egg and salt a little. Mix thoroughly with a spoon, and then pass through a sieve

3. Pour oil into the pan, preferably a cast iron pan with a thick bottom. Spoon as much potato mixture as would be required for small pancakes. Give a rounder and flatter shape and on top of the cakes, place the curd in the center. Pressing lightly, gently level and already over the curd mass, reapply the mixture of potatoes, only in a smaller amount so that the mass does not cover all the lower ones with a thick layer

4. Fry potato cutlets over medium-high heat. Over low heat, the potatoes will fry slowly, while the oil will be intensively absorbed inside, which is undesirable. As soon as the lower part is browned, using a spatula, you need to quickly turn the top to the bottom and continue the roasting process further, until tender

5. Cook the potato pancakes until golden brown, so that the inside is also baked. And then transfer to a separate bowl and let the rest of the oil drain

6. Potato pancakes with curd filling, as a rule, are served with sour cream, as an independent dish. Can be eaten with cracklings and scrambled eggs