Brownie Chocolate Brownie

To accentuate and highlight Brownie by the fact that it is chocolate, of course, is not correct. In fact, classic Brownies are never chocolatey, and the essence lies in the name itself, by nature it is so - tanned. But at the expense of the filling, one can argue that it can be, however, like all other ingredients, completely different

The final result of a dessert is determined by the quality of the chocolate and the baking time. And the cooking process itself takes about an hour. For such baked goods, this is not much. Alternatively, baked goods can be supplemented with filling: dried fruits or nuts.

How to make a delicate brownie cake

1. Bitter chocolate should be broken into smaller pieces, put in a deep container, add butter to it and melt the chocolate and butter in a water bath until smooth.

2. In a separate bowl, collect the following ingredients: eggs, vanilla sugar and granulated sugar, a pinch of salt and stir well. Pour the slightly cooled creamy chocolate mixture to the whipped products. Then, while sifting, add flour, add baking powder in between and stir continuously until smooth

3. Transfer the finished cake dough to a greased baking dish. Smooth and send to a preheated oven

4. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 180 degrees, while trying not to overexpose. If necessary, the readiness of the baking can be checked with a wooden skewer, piercing through the center.

5. As soon as the surface of the chocolate cake dries up noticeably and slight cracks appear, the dense chocolate cake must be removed from the oven and the hot baked goods must be allowed to cool down and only then cut into arbitrary rectangular pieces

Serve with whipped cream or with a strong cup of coffee. Brownie's structure is somewhat reminiscent of a cake, but with a richer flavor.