Sponge cake in a slow cooker

Sponge cake has a relatively light and fluffy structure. Unlike their counterparts, porous baked goods are demanding on themselves, and the process of making a biscuit must be treated with patience and skill. But, nevertheless, they are easier to prepare than cakes based on biscuit dough.

Unlike a cake, a sponge cake can be prepared with a filling, which is often used as fruits and berries, fresh and canned. And as an addition, we suggest using blueberries, and in order to facilitate the process, we will cook in a multicooker

Multicooker Blueberry Sponge Cake Recipe

1. To cook berry pie in a slow cooker, you first need to prepare all the necessary products. Only fresh eggs should be used for the biscuit and it is advisable to cool them before whipping.

2. Then you can start the main process: for this, you need to drive all the eggs into a deep dish and add a full glass of sugar

3. Grind eggs with sugar and beat thoroughly with a whisk until the mass doubles in volume and is covered with a light foam

4. Sift the flour directly over the cup and stir in, baking powder and vanilla powder in the process. Manually, knead for no more than 15 seconds, otherwise the dough may settle, and the biscuit will be dense at the exit

5. Roll the washed blueberries in starch. In our case, the starch will impart porosity to the dough. Also, part of the flour, in a 5 x 1 ratio, can be replaced with starch

6. Put the berries in the dough and mix gently. Before adding the berries, it is better to transfer part of the mixture to a multicooker. The biscuit dough should be smooth and free of lumps.

7. Grease the bottom and edges of the multicooker bowl with butter and pour the dough into it. To avoid settling the dough, the kneaded dough cannot be kept for a long time.

8. Close the lid, set the Baking mode and cook for 50 minutes. In the process, again, so that the baking does not settle, it is not recommended to open the lid

9. Over time, to find out the readiness of the biscuit, you need to lightly press the cake with your finger, if it is elastic, then the product is ready. Cool slightly naturally with the lid open before removing, then turn the cup over onto a flat surface

10. Wait until it cools completely, and after , the biscuit cake with blueberry filling can be cut into portions for serving