Pickled cucumbers for the winter

It is difficult to imagine a more ideal snack than pickled cucumbers and, probably, such does not exist. Not to be a long and fun feast where this vegetable would not be present. And having prepared cucumbers for the winter, you will delight everyone for a long time with an appetizing crunch of this unique snack

Before proceeding with the preparation, prepare the products: For error-free preservation, all jars and lids should be perfectly sterilized. This can be done by immersing the pre-washed cans in a deep pot of water and boiling for 15 minutes.

Before starting the process, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the cucumbers, cut off the tips if necessary and soak in cold water for 2-4 hours. In this way, we will get rid of unwanted gas and the cucumbers will be as crispy as possible.

Put three cloves of garlic in each jar, herbal spices: dried parsley seeds and paprika, black peppercorns

Also add washed fresh dill, about 2-3 twigs each. The quantity can be any

Fill the jars with cucumbers. In my case, I canned it in liter jars and therefore I had to cut them. If you are using smaller vegetables or will be canning in a larger container, it is advisable not to cut the cucumbers.

Marinade for cucumbers

Meanwhile, pour water into a deep bowl, add sugar, salt and stirring all the time, bring to a boil. As soon as the water starts to boil and the sugar is completely dissolved, remove from heat and only then pour in the vinegar.

Pour the hot marinade into warm jars, do not try to fill up to the top and pour the marinade in small portions so that the jars do not burst

Cover the jars with sterilized lids as well and roll them up. Place the workpieces upside down in a moderately cool place. Let them cool slowly. And the next day, already completely cooled cans can be transferred to a place for long-term storage.

In the season when cucumbers will not be very expensive, make preparations in a timely manner and in small "portions"

The process is not so much long, but rather time consuming. Although, the result pays off, and as a result you get crispy pickles.

- Your pleasure will have no edge

Recipe notes and hints:

- The recipe uses sea salt. You can use the usual - cooked, the main thing is that it does not contain iodine, which causes a reaction and thus the garlic can change color.

- The main condition for perfect preservation, which should be observed, is cleanliness: namely, first of all, sterilization, clean and processed products, and of course, the ideal cleanliness of dishes and all surrounding objects.

- Be sure to check the jars before preserving. And if there is at least one chip, even a subtle one, then such a bank will not work!

How to cold pickle cucumbers

To achieve the desired results, housewives are advised to use the cold method of pickling cucumbers.

So, for cold pickling cucumbers you need ingredients such as:

- leaves of cherry, horseradish, black currant;

- large peeled garlic cloves (three pieces);

- coarse sea salt (3 tablespoons with a slide);

- fresh selected cucumbers of medium size (for a three-liter jar);

- hot red pepper (one pinch);

- black dried peppercorns (ten pieces);

- dill umbrellas (at your discretion).

All components from the above list are designed for one largest jar. After the required container is prepared, you need to soak fresh cucumbers in cold water for a day.

Next, on the bottom of the prepared jar, you will need to lay out all the spices, horseradish leaves, cherry, and also currant, then put there whole cucumbers or cut into large slices.

Dissolve the salt in half a glass of filtered water, pour it into the jar where all the components were previously laid out. Then, if necessary, pour in so much more filtered cold water so that its level reaches almost the neck of the jar, after that, immediately take the container with cucumbers to some cold place and leave it there for further storage.

Pickled cucumbers can only be considered well cooked if they have a delicate aroma, appetizing crunch and a spicy taste.