Smoked fish salad

Smoked fish goes well with many dishes; in fact, it is a delicacy and is very tasty in itself. The mere presence of fish gives a festive flavor to your meal. Well, a salad with fish in a special combination of products will be the focus of your guests' attention.

The base of the salad is smoked fish and the dish is accentuated on it. The rest of the products also play an equally important role, adjusting which at your discretion you can achieve a completely different taste.

Fish salad with peas in mayonnaise

1. Prepare all ingredients. Eggs must be boiled beforehand, rinsed vegetables and fruits, open a jar with peas

2. Boiled eggs, cucumber and apples should be cut into cubes, not very finely so that you can easily hook with a fork.

3. Smoked fish must be milled, carefully sorted out all kinds of small bones, and then cut the meat.

4. Collect all the chopped salad ingredients in one deep bowl, add the required amount of green peas, season with mayonnaise and mix thoroughly.

5. Put the finished smoked mackerel salad into a serving bowl, garnish with onions and parsley

Recipe Notes:

- To make the salad more satisfying, you can add rice boiled in salted water, which does not go well with fish and such a fish dish with rice can be served as a second

- It is imperative to use high quality mayonnaise, and preferably homemade. If possible, it is recommended to replace mayonnaise with sour cream.

- You can add canned fish salad in different ways. For example, with boiled potatoes, which goes well with all types of fish and naturally everyone loves it.