Green tuna salad

Dedicated to all seafood lovers. Green tuna salad is a very nutritious and healthy dish. Making a fish salad with herbs and olives is very simple. Fish is in many ways the best healthy food option that goes well with many foods.

Let's start with the preparation of the products: for this you need to rinse the necessary products that will be required to prepare a salad with canned fish.

Nutritious Green Fish & Olive Salad

Cut the tomatoes into slices as for a Greek salad

Cut the lettuce leaves not very large and not too finely

Olives are best cut into rings

Open a can of canned fish, put the contents in a deep bowl and mash with a fork

Next, add the chopped tomatoes and mix gently

Add lettuce, canned corn, olives and drizzle with olive oil

It remains to mix thoroughly the green canned fish salad and can be served

This salad will be a decent meal that everyone will love!

Recipe tip:

- The ingredients of the fish salad can be changed to taste and at will. Lettuce leaves can be replaced with Chinese cabbage or added to a dish with cucumbers and sprinkled with crackers on top.

- Instead of olive oil, you can season a green salad with sunflower or mayonnaise, or better with homemade sour cream.

- Use canned food made from large fish and best of all with fewer bones.

- The salad turns out to be more satisfying if you add boiled rice or noodles and thus serve as a second dish.