Summer vinaigrette

This is not at all a classic vinaigrette recipe, in which canned cucumbers should be present. Vinaigrette is a popular salad and has deep roots, but it gained particular popularity in post-Soviet times, when people were not spoiled by an abundance of products and were modest in their desires ...

The main beet season begins in August, but this type of vegetables is not whimsical and grows in any loose soil. That is why vitamin salad vinaigrette can be prepared all year round and, if possible, canned food can be changed to fresh.

In our case, we will add an apple to the salad and replace the pickles with fresh ones. And the vegetables that need to be boiled, we will bake them in the oven. Otherwise, the salad will not differ from the classic one.

Vitamin salad vinaigrette step by step recipe

After thoroughly washing the vegetables, cut off the tips, put them in foil, pour one spoonful of oil on top, wrap tightly and bake in the oven, at a temperature of 180 degrees, until the roots become soft. The approximate time is an hour and a half.

When ready, we shift the vegetables from the oven, free them from the foil and let them cool.

After cooling completely, remove the skins from the baked vegetables, except for the beets and cut them into small cubes. Cut the cucumber and apple separately in the same way. Sprinkle the sliced ​​fruit with lemon juice so as not to turn yellow. We collect all the chopped ingredients in one deep bowl.

According to the list, we put green peas to the vegetables, a little or a little more, and then mix everything thoroughly.

Next, we will prepare a spicy dressing for the vitamin salad: pour 3-4 tablespoons of vegetable oil into a small deep bowl, add chopped garlic clove, pepper, salt and mix.

It remains only to cut the beets, which we put aside for last. This is done so that the beets do not have time to color the rest of the products. Cut the beets into cubes, pour over the remaining oil and mix separately.

Add the main vegetable to the salad bowl, to the rest of the ingredients. Season with cooked spicy butter sauce and mix thoroughly.

Vinaigrette is an excellent festive appetizer that is served cold and exceptionally freshly prepared.

Recipe Tips:

- You can supplement the salad with beans and onions, and there are also known variants of vinaigrette with the addition of meat products and mushrooms.

- Dressing for vinaigrette can be any. Traditionally made from vinegar, but also, mustard dressing goes well with salad.

- When cooking beets, the peel is not peeled, and when cooking, for full readiness, you need to take into account the size and, depending on this, the beets are boiled for 40 to 60 minutes over moderate heat.