Homemade chicken shawarma recipe with step by step photos

Shawarma can be cooked at home without much difficulty. Home-style chicken shawarma is a hearty and tasty dish that turns out to be juicy thanks to the spicy sauce and additional ingredients, each of which makes the filling even tastier. The process does not seem complicated, and most importantly, now everyone can create this fast food in their own way.

In this case, homemade lavash was used, the recipe of which you can find on our website.

Shawarma preparation will take place in two stages. At the first stage, you will need to prepare all the necessary ingredients, and at the second, form, i.e. stuffing pita bread.

Food preparation:

The process should start with frying the meat: to do this, make cuts in the meat, season with salt and season, then fry on both sides in a pan with a spoonful of heated oil.

After the chicken leg is completely cooked, you need to separate the meat from the bones and chop finely.

For dressing, you need mayonnaise and very finely chopped garlic. Combine these two ingredients and the shawarma dressing is ready.

It is advisable to cut cucumbers into long and thin cubes, cabbage into strips, and divide tomatoes into moderately small cubes.

Also, you should prepare Korean-style carrots, which you can buy or cook yourself. 100 g of pickled carrots will suffice.

Part of the fresh dill and parsley must be chopped, the other part is left for decoration.

Making Shawarma:

Please note that for a small-shaped pita bread, about in a pan, the filling should be put a little higher from the bottom, so that there is something to roll up from the bottom, while the filling will look out, which will make the shawarma itself look more spectacular.

Place ready-made cakes - homemade lavash on the desktop.

Place a little more than a teaspoon of mayonnaise and a little less ketchup in the center.

Divide the grilled meat into equal amounts of tortillas and lay the next layer of chicken pieces. This is about 2 tbsp for each lavash. tablespoons of chopped chicken.

Top the meat with Korean carrots and some thinly sliced ​​white cabbage. (Cabbage has been omitted from the ingredients.)

Next, put the tomatoes,

Cucumbers and some fresh chopped herbs, as well as twigs from them.

Wrap the bottom first.

Then, any one side

And the second side.

Wrap the wrapped part halfway with adhesive cling film so that the chicken shawarma does not fall apart.

Do all the steps with the rest of the cakes and this is the end of the process.

Recipe tip:

- Special cakes for shawarma - you can make lavash yourself, or you can buy a semi-finished product in the bread department of supermarkets, which are sold in hermetically wrapped bags.

- To make shawarma at home, it is not necessary to adhere to the exact amount of ingredients, you can put one or another product to your liking, or even add to the assortment as needed.

- Shawarma with chicken turns out much juicier and tastier if you use fat poultry legs.