Beef Tongue Snack Salad

Beef tongue can be used to prepare various appetizer dishes that, in addition to taste, will decorate an exquisite festive table. Tongue salads are perfectly combined with many products and in each version, it will have its own unique different taste and lovers of such delicacies will be delighted with such a dish.

In addition to the chicken breast, you can use any other part of the carcass. If you decide to replace the meat with a chicken leg, then the legs are tastier if fried in a pan.

Boil the chicken breast separately, then boil the beef tongue in a deep saucepan with water, seasoned with peas, bay leaves and salt. Cook chicken meat for about 40 minutes and tongue for 2 hours or more.

Cool the boiled tongue and then cut into moderately thin and long slices.

Cut the chicken breast or simply divide it into thinner pieces by hand.

Cut the ham into strips as well as the tongue.

Pickled mushrooms, it is advisable to also divide like the rest of the ingredients.

Collect everything in a deep bowl, pour over with vegetable oil, stir and serve.