Orange slice salad

A bright and unusual salad can be prepared for a holiday using available ingredients. The dish can be decorated in the form of an orange slice, which will definitely make a splash and will be remembered by everyone present. With such an original presentation, your New Year's holidays will be merry and unforgettable.

You can add an orange slice to the salad with almost any boiled vegetables, and you can replace chicken meat with fish at your discretion and cook something like a herring under a fur coat or a beef tongue meat salad.

Festive layered salad "Under a fur coat"

Put the rice boiled in salted water on a flat plate in the first layer, give the shape of a crescent, smooth the surface.

Briefly fry the diced onions in a pan and sauté one grated carrot. Place on top of the rice and brush with mayonnaise.

Chop the boiled chicken fillet and lay the next layer on top of the carrots. Add some mayonnaise and smooth.

Chop the canned mushrooms finely and spread over the chicken. Cover again with a layer of mayonnaise.

Grate boiled eggs, put mushrooms on top, add chopped garlic and cover with mayonnaise.

Sprinkle the salad with grated cheese. Grate the second carrots, shape the sides and give the appearance of seeds.

Boil food in salted water. Chicken, if desired, you can fry in a pan. And you can supplement the salad with boiled potatoes.