Homemade fries

If you decide to cook french fries, then everything is fine with your health, and in spite of everything, you just wanted to eat deliciously. So be it, but why run to McDonald's if you can cook it yourself. After all, at home everything is much simpler, cheaper and tastier.

As you can see, the list of ingredients is pretty simple and you can find products in almost any store! In this recipe, French fries are first breaded in flour and then fried in boiling oil. In this way, potatoes are obtained with a crispy appetizing crust. It is not difficult to cook french fries, in general it is easy to fry potatoes, the dish is obtained even by inexperienced novices in the culinary business.

Homemade crispy fries recipe

The first step is to peel the potatoes, clean up all sorts of black flaws if necessary and rinse them in water. Cut the potatoes into strips in a convenient way, which can be done with an ordinary knife or a special device.

Put all the chopped potatoes in a deep bowl, add salt and sprinkle with flour. Mix thoroughly.

Heat the oil in a special saucepan and fry the potatoes in small portions until light brown. In the process, it is imperative to stir so that the potato pieces do not stick to each other. Fries in boiling oil. The process should be fast enough. When ready, transfer the finished potatoes to a dry napkin and drain off the excess oil.

Homemade fries can be served with many homemade sauces to complement your meal and give your crispy fries a special flavor!