Nougat with almonds

We present to your attention another recipe for a delicious sweet dessert, which will be delighted by all lovers of goodies, especially children. Nougat with almonds is an incredibly tasty delicacy, the best dessert for tea that melts in your mouth and does not get boring at all.

It is impossible to compare this dessert with anything. And this is far from the meringue to which we are accustomed. We will cook nougat according to a proven classic recipe, as would be done in the East with almonds, which is considered the birthplace of this delicacy.

How to make nougat with nuts at home

In a deep bowl, bring the salt and sugar together, add corn syrup to them in the amount indicated in the list with ingredients. Stir everything in the syrup until the sugar is completely dissolved. Put on low heat and, stirring all the time, heat to a light boil. The temperature of the syrup should be about 150 degrees, which is measured with a special thermometer, although more experienced pastry chefs are guided by the eye. From the moment of boiling, cook for 10 minutes.

In a separate bowl, beat the whites until frothy. Separately heat the honey and pour it into the whipped egg whites in a thin stream, stirring in the process.

Then, without ceasing to beat, slowly, also in a trickle, pour the prepared syrup. The result should be a denser protein mass. Add dry almonds and stir gently for a short time.

On a rectangular shape, stele a sheet of parchment, grease it with oil and transfer the prepared protein mass with nuts not in a thick layer, approximately 1.5 cm.Cover on top with another layer of a kitchen sheet, also pre-greasing with vegetable oil.

We leave it in this form until it hardens, after it cools down we transfer it to the refrigerator for another hour. Over time, cut into small pieces and can be consumed.

Also, instead of almonds, you can add any other nuts to nougat, add some dried fruits if desired and cook nougat with raisins or cranberries.