Strudel with chicken and mushrooms

We present the recipe for the popular Austrian pie, which we will cook with chicken and mushrooms. As a rule, strudel is traditionally prepared with a sweet filling of fruits and berries, cottage cheese with vanilla and other ingredients. And we will adapt the cake in the form of a roll to your taste and make the dish definitely satisfying.

Like our previous recipe for an omelette and cheese roll, this one also deserves special attention, if only because they look spicy, which actually causes delight.

Chicken and mushroom roll

The first step is to make a dough that you can buy or make yourself. The dough for strudel can be kneaded the most ordinary, fresh, moderately elastic and must be allowed to infuse for some time, so that the dough "fits" and can be easily processed further.

Next, we will prepare the filling: heat the oil in a frying pan and over medium heat, for a short time, until half cooked, fry the chicken fillets, cut into small pieces and transfer to the hotel cup.

Then fry the mushrooms, also cut into small pieces. Cook until the mushrooms are noticeably softened. We shift it to the chicken, add chopped garlic and herbs, pepper and salt strictly to taste. We mix everything.

The next step is to work with the dough and form the cake: for this, roll out the dough thin enough, it is best to roll it in length, in a rectangle. Sprinkle breadcrumbs on the dough, leaving the edges untouched.

Put the filling on the breading and distribute it evenly over the surface, while leaving one fifth of the dough and three other parts from the edge empty. Sprinkle the filling with grated cheese.

Wrap the pie in a roll towards the empty side and pinch the edges tightly. We transfer to a hot oven, bake strudel with chicken and mushrooms at a temperature of 180-200 degrees - 30-40 minutes.

When ready, let the pie cool slightly, and then you can cut into portions. A pie with a roll-shaped filling turns out to be tasty and satisfying.

Important Recipe Tip:

- It is imperative for strudel to roll out the dough as thin as possible, this is the main condition for the impeccability of the Austrian pie. The thinner the dough, the tastier the roll is.