Schnitzel with egg in the oven

Quite an interesting dish of minced meat schnitzel with egg and cheese, we suggest to cook on the occasion. It is prepared in the same way as meat patties, traditionally fried in oil. Only we will cook beef and pork schnitzel in the oven and with an egg, than we will achieve the best result - the dish will turn out tender and juicy, you will just lick your fingers.

Delicate schnitzel with egg will please especially men who like hearty food. Pork schnitzel in appearance and taste resembles homemade cutlets, which we love so much and are cooked in every family.

How to cook schnitzel in the oven

First of all, we soak the bread in milk, it is advisable to use a loaf and so that it is dry.

Next, we will deal with the preparation of minced meat for schnitzel: for this, you can use either purchased minced meat, or you can cook it at home. First we pass the meat through a meat grinder, then onions. Add soaked bread, one egg, sprinkle with spices and mix the minced meat with your hands.

From the finished minced meat we form oblong cutlets, put them on a baking sheet and only then, with the help of a tablespoon, push through the center of the cutlets, thereby making a depression. We send it to an oven preheated to 180 degrees and bake for 15-20 minutes.

After a while, we take out the cutlets from the oven, first sprinkle them with grated cheese, then carefully drive in one egg at a time and send them back to bake. Cook for another 10-15 minutes, until the surface of the egg whites grabs, while the yolk should remain unbaked.

We put ready schnitzels with cheese and eggs on plates, sprinkle with chopped onions on top and serve, with any side dish, the recipes of which can be found on our website.

Hints and tips for cooking:

- Oven schnitzel with fried eggs can also be made from vegetables, and almost any kind of meat can be used, such as chicken or other game.

- Scroll the meat in a meat grinder with a fine grid, preferably twice, so the cutlets are tender and juicy.