Oven baked sea bass recipe

Baked perch is a dietary dish and a bright decoration of the table. Oven sea fish has always been in demand by seafood lovers, because most of them have valuable properties and are considered delicacies. Only baked seafood retains all the beneficial properties, taste, and therefore, this method is considered the best cooking option.

There are enough ways to cook fish in the oven in the world, each of which deserves special attention. We will consider a simple recipe for steaming fish with ginger.

Oven baked fish with ginger

Turn on the oven, set the temperature to 180 degrees and you should prepare all the necessary products that will be needed for cooking.

Rinse the pre-cleaned fish. Season the perch with thin slices of ginger and spring onions. Lightly salt, season with spices and place on a porcelain dish.

Move to a preheated oven, approximately in the center, set the steam mode and bake without opening the lid for 20 minutes.

When ready, turn off and empty the oven. Drizzle a little hot oil and two tablespoons of soy sauce over the surface of the perch.

There are two important reasons to try this dish, the feather is not the complexity of preparation, the second is the benefits and taste.

Now you will know exactly how to bake delicious fish in the oven and will be able to surprise guests with your skill.