Cherry cake with cream and icing

Sweet desserts have always been loved by adults and children. Cherry cake with butter cream from a lush sponge cake is a vivid confirmation of this. Sponge cake with cream does not mean that it is expensive and difficult, there are options and simpler ones, one of which we will consider today.

By tradition, on holidays and on special occasions, it is customary to bake beautiful cakes of varying complexity. Such work does not go unnoticed. Our recipe for a cake with butter cream deserves more attention, if only because, unlike many others, it is easier to prepare.

Sponge cake with cherry and butter cream

Preheat the oven to 180-200 degrees. Combine salt and vanilla powder with flour in a deep bowl. Add the sliced ​​butter and half a glass of yoghurt to a smooth mixture.

In a separate bowl, roast sugar and butter until smooth, fluffy. Beat in the egg one by one and continue to knead until smooth. Add almond extract in between.

Put the chopped cherries in the flour mixture, put the whipped cream on top and stir everything gently. Pour the batter into a mold and place in the oven for 20 minutes.

For the cream, simply stir in the sugar and butter, pour in two tablespoons of milk and beat in a mixer until fluffy.

Cut the finished and cooled cakes into the intended parts, put a layer of glaze on the lower part, put a layer of cherries and cover with another biscuit. Spread the surface and sides of the pie with cream, put berries and pieces of chocolate on top.

Put the birthday cake with berries in the refrigerator and wait until it cools completely - 3-4 hours.