Vegetable salad with chicken fillet and Chinese cabbage

The lack of a pronounced smell makes the Peking cabbage salad with chicken fillet laid-back and light. There are no hot spices and aromatic herbs in it. At the same time, vegetable salad with chicken fillet turns out to be delicate in taste, and thanks to Peking cabbage, the dish becomes useful.

The once obscure Peking cabbage has recently been actively used in cooking and is becoming an irreplaceable food product. Not only salads are prepared from it, but also soups, side dishes, as well as main dishes with complex ingredients.

Vitamin Chicken and Peking Cabbage Salad - Step by Step Recipe

Prepare all the necessary foods that will be needed in the process. Rinse, trim off onion tips, peel sunflower seeds.

First divide the Chinese cabbage in two and chop them into strips.

Chicken fillet should be opened in salted water with peppercorns and laurel leaves, until tender. Transfer and cool.

Then cut the boiled chicken into small pieces.

Lightly fry the sunflower seeds in a pan with heated oil.

Finely chop the green onion feathers.

Combine all ingredients in a deep bowl. Season with salt, season with mayonnaise and stir.

With this recipe, you can easily prepare a casual and light vitamin salad with chicken and Chinese cabbage.