Turkey meatballs in creamy sauce

We all love minced meatballs in a creamy sauce that is reminiscent of childhood. All turkey dishes are very tender and delicious home-style, and oven baked meatballs with gravy are simply delicious, a wonderful meal for the whole family.

The recipe is completely simple. The dish is cooked in 40 minutes, provided that the meat is minced. Alternatively, you can cook chicken meatballs in tomato sauce.

Minced Meatballs with Gravy Recipe

The cooking process should begin with the preparation of all the necessary products that will be needed in the future.

Cut the onion into small cubes, chop the dill. Collect everything in one deep bowl with the turkey mince, add one egg, season to taste and stir.

Form round balls of the cooked minced meat in the size of 2 walnuts and put on a baking sheet, having previously greased the bottom with oil. Transfer to a preheated oven and bake at 180 degrees for no more than 10-15 minutes.

Next, you will need to prepare a creamy cheese sauce for meatballs: for this, pour cream into a deep bowl, put grated cheese, chopped garlic and a small amount of dill. Season with salt and pepper.

After a while, remove the mold from the oven, pour the cream cheese sauce over the meatballs and send them back to the oven.

Bake the turkey meatballs for about 20-25 minutes, until the surface of the minced meat is noticeably browned.

For a side dish, you can boil rice or make a vegetable stew.