Airy dessert made of proteins and sugar in the form of cherries

A surprisingly beautiful dessert from simple products can be prepared at home. An airy dessert of proteins and sugar in the form of cherries is a beautifully prepared meringue, a simple dish of two main ingredients in a bright performance. And everything else is creativity and flight of thoughts, another inspiration, a desire to create and surprise.

If you do not take into account the fuss with dyes, the recipe for the dessert itself is very simple, the main thing is to properly prepare the base - and this is the most common meringue of proteins and sugar.

Puffed Sugar Cherry Meringue - Recipe

Separate the egg yolks from the whites and place the whites in a deep bowl. Add 150 grams of powdered sugar to the proteins.

Do not use a mixer, whisk the whites and sugar with just a spoon. Then, without stopping stirring, add the remaining sugar in portions.

After thoroughly mixing the powdered sugar with the proteins, the consistency of the mixture should become quite thick. The last grams of added caster sugar will be difficult to stir.

Then add a teaspoon of cherry extract and stir again with a spoon. Perhaps the recipe will need to adjust the amount of sugar, depending on the size of the egg whites, it should be increased to 600 grams. You can add sugar even after the cherry extract has been poured, in order to surely achieve the desired density. For a preliminary check, form balls from the mixture and if they do not maintain their shape or even spread over the plate, then you will definitely need to add sugar.

Pour 2 tablespoons of yellow food coloring into one small bowl and 1 tablespoon of red into the other. Dilute them with the same amount of water.

If, in principle, you do not want to use artificial colors, you can use beet juice or fresh cherry juice to get a red color. And for yellow, you need carrot juice.

Dessert shaping

First of all, you should prepare future stems for dessert. To do this, separate the needles from the pine branch, try to pull them out to make double branches. To make it natural, the length of the needles can be cut and one can be made slightly shorter than the other.

From the prepared protein mixture, form into small balls the size of a cherry. Keep the bowl of the mixture closed so that it does not dry out or become hard. Dip them first in yellow dye and spoon, and then dip in red, only halfway. Use a separate spoon for each color.

Without wasting time, carefully transfer the balls into a bowl of granulated sugar so that the yellow part is at the bottom, this is because to allow the red color to spread over the yellow color, while merging and taking on a natural color. If it suddenly turns out that your balls are not perfectly round, then it doesn't matter, you will still have the opportunity to bring them to the ideal.

And to give the desired shape you will need a special tool, the so-called "stock". Of course, this is not necessary, only to achieve the ideal form.

Or you can do it in a simple way, to do this, take the slightly dried balls in your hands, each individually, sprinkle them with sugar and, rotating between your palms, give them a perfect shape.

Lastly, insert the pine needles, place the decorative protein dessert on a clean, flat surface, let dry and harden completely for at least 12 hours.

Store puffed meringue in a cool and ventilated dry place. Do not place in a sealed container to avoid moisture build-up and soggy dessert.