Curd dessert without baking

It's hard to believe that pleasure is easy. A curd dessert without baking and without the use of flour and eggs is a godsend for a culinary specialist, which requires a minimum of effort to prepare. The cookie cottage cheese house recipe is simply unique, which does not imply specific conditions, leaving room for possible experiments.

Unlike cakes and pastries, it is much easier to prepare a curd dessert without baking. No need to stand near the oven and stove, there is no need to knead the dough and follow a clear recipe. To prepare an airy dessert with a filling, it is enough just to have a desire to cook and love sweets.

Biscuit cottage cheese house recipe

Put cottage cheese, fresh sour cream and a little sugar in a deep bowl. It is better to use homemade cottage cheese, compared to purchased in a store, it differs in quality and taste.

Scroll with a blender until smooth, add sour cream and stir. The output should be a fluffy, stable mass.

Place cling film on the work surface and dipping cookies in milk, arrange them in three rows in the center of the film, a total of 9 pieces.

Put the prepared curd filling on the middle row. And if it turns out that there are more toppings than it should be, the rows can be lengthened by adding 3 more cookies along the length.

Next, you will need to raise two side rows and attach a triangle in the form of a house to the curd mass, and the filling itself will look out from both ends.

Very carefully wrap the dessert with cling film and transfer to the refrigerator for about 8 hours. By that time, the filling should have hardened, and the cookies should become soaked in the process, without losing their shape.

Over time, remove the film from the dessert and transfer to a flat plate, melt the chocolate in the microwave and decorate the cottage cheese house with it in a convenient way.

Why not cake? It couldn't be easier! Veda curd dessert without baking is an unusual delicacy that can replace cake, while not yielding to taste.