Classic vinaigrette recipe

Vinaigrette is a traditional vegetable salad, an inexpensive holiday snack and a light snack with several main ingredients. The original recipe for the classic vinaigrette included boiled vegetables - these are beets, potatoes and carrots, which have survived to this day, also in equal proportions pickled cucumbers with sauerkraut and onions. And everything else is a modern interpretation of everyone's favorite salad.

It is customary to season the vinaigrette with some kind of sauce, although only vegetable oil is traditionally added to the vinaigrette, you can also pour it with vinegar or lemon juice.

Classic vinaigrette with peas

The first step is to boil all the vegetables until tender. If possible, it is best to bake potatoes and beets in the oven.

Cut the potatoes into moderately small pieces.

Cut the boiled carrots into small pieces.

Cut the red beets into small cubes.

Divide pickled or pickled cucumbers in the same way as all vegetables.

Chop the white onion finely.

Collect everything in a deep bowl, add chopped white cabbage, canned peas, season to taste, add oil and stir.

The popular vegetable mix is ​​ready. You can add green onions, parsley and dill here. Prepare mustard dressing. Or even make a summer vinaigrette, just as tasty and healthy and tasty.