Beef in a pan

How to fry beef so that the meat is soft and juicy? You will be surprised, of course, but it's completely simple. Here the type of meat is important, which is easily and quickly fried in a pan, while retaining the inner juice and does not burn outside. For such a case, not all meat is suitable, because for quick frying it is the marble part that is needed, but any one can be used for stewing beef in a pan.

Consider two recipes for cooking beef in a pan, in each of which it is necessary to correctly approach the choice of meat. In both cases, the meat for frying should be fresh and young, preferably not frozen. The surest way to determine the freshness of meat is its appearance, a more lively color and the absence of foreign odor.

Beef Stew with Onions - Recipe Step by Step

In this case, it will be enough to buy fresh cow meat; the neck and sidewall are best suited for stewing.

Rinse the meat and cut into small pieces, about 1.5-2 cm wide and no more than 1 cm thick.

Peel a small head of onion and chop moderately finely, first in half rings, and then divide into 3-4 parts.

Heat oil in a cast-iron pan and fry the onion in it first - 2-3 minutes. Cook over low heat until the vegetable lets out juice and begins to change color.

Put the chopped pieces of meat, set the heat to above medium and stir fry the beef vigorously for 3-4 minutes, until the surface of the meat is slightly browned and covered with a light crust.

Add tomato paste and mix thoroughly. Then reduce heat, cover the pan with a lid and cook on a slow simmer for another 5-10 minutes, until cooked through, until the meat becomes tender.

Meat and vegetables are ideally combined with each other and therefore, as a side dish, we suggest preparing potatoes as follows: first, boil the potatoes in salted water, then lightly fry in oil until crisp. Serve the beef stew with onions sprinkled with fresh herbs.

Next, consider the second case, a favorite way of lovers of fried meat and a delicious meal. Alternatively, prepare the popular steak in the pan.

Grilled beef steak with lemon

In this case, for frying on a grill or a frying pan, it is recommended to use fillets - the marble part, which is better to marinate before frying. The quickest and easiest way to marinate meat is to grate with chopped garlic, sprinkle with a mixture of dry herbs and pour over the pieces with vegetable oil.

Melt the butter in a frying pan, place the prepared steak, sprinkle with salt, pepper and herbs on top. Salt promotes the secretion of internal juice, so it is recommended to add it at the end.

As soon as the bottom of the steak is browned and almost ready, you need to turn it over to the other side, squeeze lemon juice on the fried surface and continue the process. Cook over high heat for 3-5 minutes on each side.

When cooking steak, try to turn the pieces of meat as little as possible, and the degree of doneness is best determined by eye. And also, it should be remembered that the ideal taste of fried beef in a pan depends not only on the professionalism of the cook, but more on the freshness of the meat and the age of the animal.