Classic mushroom sauce with cream

The now classic mushroom creamy sauce goes well with many main dishes, with meat, rice and pasta, gives them tenderness and makes them soft in taste. With it, food gains sophistication and looks special. White mushroom sauce can be used as a dressing for casseroles, poured over cutlets and chops.

Dried or frozen mushrooms are not suitable for this dish. Use only fresh and free from spoilage.

Creamy Mushroom Sauce - Recipe Step by Step

Rinse fresh mushrooms, dry and cut into thin plates, slices, or into smaller pieces.

In a small saucepan or skillet, melt some of the butter, about 30 g.

Fry mushrooms and finely chopped onions over low heat, until tender, 8-10 minutes.

In a separate skillet, melt the remainder of the butter, add the flour and stirring continuously, fry over medium heat until the flour is evenly mixed with the ghee.

Pour whipped cream or regular milk in a thin stream and continue whisking until the mixture thickens noticeably. The result should be a thick white sauce, read the detailed recipe here.

Combine the contents of two pans into one, add salt and stir the fried mushrooms and onions in a creamy sauce. Continue cooking for another 2-3 minutes over low heat.

In this version, white sauce with mushrooms can serve as an original gravy for many dishes, for example, for pasta. Creamy mushroom sauce goes well with chicken and other types of meat.