Cabbage pancakes with semolina

The dish is dedicated to all those who, for whatever reason, are forced to limit themselves in the consumption of flour and meat. Especially for them, we will cook cabbage cutlets with semolina in a pan, which are soft, as tender as possible and even meat-eaters will love them. And these cabbage cutlets are attractive because you can eat a lot of them and are not afraid to get better.

Cutlet pancakes are an incomparable delicate dish that cooks quickly and goes well with many products. Also, they are so similar to our favorite vegetable cutlets.

How to make cabbage pancakes with semolina recipe

Chop the cabbage as finely as possible and place in a deep saucepan, pour in a glass of milk and heat over low heat, until softened - 10 minutes.

Then add semolina and stir. Cover the saucepan and keep warm for 15 minutes.

Put the contents of the pan into a separate bowl, add finely chopped dill, beat in one egg, salt and stir.

Heat 2 tablespoons in a skillet. tablespoons of vegetable oil and put in 2 tbsp. spoons of minced cabbage in a pancake-like shape.

Fry the cabbage patties on both sides until lightly golden brown over medium heat.

Remove hot cabbage pancakes with semolina from the pan into a separate bowl, let cool slightly and can be served.