The classic recipe for lecho for the winter

Basically, the traditional lecho recipe includes peppers and ripe tomatoes, rarely carrots and onions. Cooking such a snack is difficult to call laborious. Unless preparing vegetables and preserving lecho for the winter for storage will require some effort, but on the other hand, all your efforts will pay off in time when the cold comes, being present on the table, a vegetable snack will remind you of a hot summer.

And so, we will prepare a universal dish that can be used as a sauce, dressing for soups, as a side dish for meat, pasta, boiled rice and potatoes. The classic recipe of the popular Hungarian lecho consists of a minimal set of products and everything is prepared quite simply.

How to make sweet pepper and tomato lecho

Rinse the peppers, cut in half, remove the seeds and cut the stalks. Divide into large pieces.

Cut the pre-washed ripe tomatoes into slices and then scroll in a blender or meat grinder.

Add sugar, salt and vegetable oil. Salt should be placed strictly to taste, in this case - 2 tablespoons without a slide.

Put chopped pieces of bell pepper to tomato juice, mix, put on the stove and bring to a boil.

Cook over low heat - 30 minutes. Bell peppers must remain "alive". Then pour a certain amount of vinegar and mix thoroughly.

While hot, pour vegetables into sterilized jars, fill to the neck and roll up for storage.

After the jars have cooled, the prepared pepper lecho and tomato should be transferred to a cool place where they can be stored for a year or more.

Tips and Tricks

- Choose bell peppers mostly red, giving preference to fleshy and large varieties. The sweeter the pepper is, the tastier the snack will be. When cooking, try not to overcook the pepper.

- Before cooking, it is recommended to peel the tomatoes in a special way, making shallow cuts, keep them in boiling water for 3-4 minutes, then put them in ice water and peel them off.

- In addition, fresh herbs are put in the salad: parsley, dill, cilantro, basil and thyme. There are options for cooking lecho with eggplant, carrots and onions, with the addition of garlic.

- Use vinegar strictly in accordance with the established norms, only for harvesting and preserving pepper lecho for the winter, only to extend its shelf life.

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