Classic salad Capital recipe

Do you know how the Stolichny salad differs from the Olivier? - Exclusively meat! In the classic salad Olivier sausage is used, and in Stolichnoye - meat, mainly chicken. The recipe has many variations of cooking, where the main ingredients can be different, including beef, pork, even sausage with the addition of green peas and corn.

Focusing on the tastes and personal preferences of their relatives, people come up with all the new salad recipes, which, in their opinion, should ideally be just like that. This is no exception, the festive salad under the loud name "Capital" is the best example of a New Year's dish.

Capital Chicken Salad step by step

Boil the carrots and potatoes in salted water, and steep eggs in the usual way. Boil the chicken broth, separate the meat and cool. Prepare green peas, pickles, mayonnaise, salt and black pepper.

Cut carrots into small pieces.

Divide the potatoes not very finely.

Chop the chicken eggs as you would for a classic Olivier salad.

Cut the boiled meat in the same way as all the other ingredients.

Cut the pickled cucumbers into even cubes.

Assembling Stolichny salad: Collect all the cut products in one deep bowl.

First, salt and pepper strictly to taste, stir thoroughly and only then add mayonnaise.

Whatever the dish is, the main thing is that it must be delicious! Prepare Stolichny Holiday Salad the way you want it. And may happiness and fun come to your home with him!

When preparing this dish, only the pulp of chicken or any other poultry is used, boiled in broth without skin. Stolichny salad is decorated in different ways, you can use the form or in the usual traditional way, like all meat salads, decorate with herbs and other products.

In a word: Capital Salad - an excellent recipe!